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Rusty Shackleford

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Oct 7, 2020
Hi all,

Just joined the site but not new to the square body world. I am however new to a 77 C20 Suburban with Silverado trim. It's all stock, 454, auto trans but has dual A/C and the towing package. It was owned by a retired Army Master Sergeant from Wyoming who used it to pull his Airstream all over the country. He got on in age, sold it to his son who I got it from. It's a real time capsule. I thought the interior was refinished in stock, but he tells me it's original. Super clean, white with a red interior, F/R bench seats and no 3rd row and all original except for a really bad repaint.

I want to bump the power a bit (Edelbrock 2024 top end kit, 354 bhp) and convert to overdrive. I'd also like to spruce up the interior with newer Sub parts. Mom drove a 1997 Suburban to over 400,000 on the stock engine (4 trannys, lol). It had a real nice leather 4 captain's chair interior with a nice console. I'd like to do something like that, AND I'd like the rear A/C to blow harder, much like mom's truck did. Me and my bulldog want that! That being said, does anyone have a cross-reference guide on which newer Suburban parts will easily fit into our square bodies? Should I buy a later model Sub and pick the parts I want?

As always, thanks for your help and suggestions.
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