New to Chevy trucks. 85 c20.


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Apr 17, 2020
Hello from Canada! I have recently acquired a 1985 C20 with a 350. The story so far is: PO rebuilt the motor, tried to start it after and couldn't get it to run for more than a few seconds and gave up. My father then got the truck and it sat for I think close to a year before I got it. GM trucks are completely new to me, Im an old japanese sports car guy since I was a kid. I did own an 01 1500 for a few years but never had to work on it, LM7's ya know, thing was bullet proof. So far on my C20 I have removed the holley quad jet intake that was one it in favor of a 2701 edelbrock performer intake to match the performer carb that it cam with, serviced the motor and done the common checks/replacements. I got the motor running a week ago but it still has a slight misfire at idle, revs up great and is super responsive though. I have no idea what kind of cam is in the truck, the oil filter had cam break in written on it when i did the oil change so it could be a lumpy cam and im just paranoid but Im not sure. Anyways thats my long, poorly written story of my truck, I already love the thing and im looking forward to making it even better.

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