Need your suggestions for new tires for 1986 Scottsdale


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Jan 16, 2022
Hi everyone, Melissa here, reaching out for your advice on new tires for my 1986 Scottsdale. I want something that looks like the ones that are on it currently (see picture below) alas Gilette Tires are no longer in production. Truck is located in North Florida, so snow is not an issue, and I rarely go off road, but still think the A/T tires are called for, for the look of this truck. My go-to tire guy suggested Cooper Discoverer AT3 or General Grabber A/T as replacements, but I kinda feel like they both look sorta “modern” what with the tread wrapping around somewhat to the front of the sidewall? Or am I wrong? What brand/ model do you think for a tire replacement that keeps the same feel for the era and style of this truck? Thank you in advance!


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