GMC Sierra California Sundancer

Big Z

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Jun 15, 2020
Discovered this special southern california edition gmc truck and want more info or pictures as there is only about 20 on google and they're the same 2 trucks. People say they had a roll bar and blue pinstripes but neither had them. Thanks
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Mar 26, 2019
You got me curious, so I went on a little scavenger hunt. Here's what I found. You've probably seen these already, but....

And yeah I stole some of the images from the articles...

Sounds like a regional dealer-specific package thing. Lots of that went around in the day, still goes on today with trucks. Looks like just a yellow paint job with the bumpers, but like you say, info seems to be hard to come by.


I'll say this: Without a clear definition of what the package entailed, like a brochure or order sheet, I'd be double-cautious of anyone claiming to have the real deal. Anyone could paint a truck yellow and fab some tubular bumpers. I will keep looking though.

If nothing else those links are a good rabbit hole to get started. Lots of really wild and weird trucks shown there.

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