Fuel leaking and heat soak


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May 11, 2020
I own a 1973 Cheyenne 350 engine with Th350 trans.first problem,I have fuel leaking out of filler neck when 3/4 to full tank and it happens when Im driving straight and making left turns.
My other problem is my starter won't work after a 20 min drive.when I park it for maybe 5 or 10 mins after a 20 min drive it won't start,i get nothing.i have to wait 20 to 30 mins before it will start or crawl under the truck with a screw driver and jump start it.any ideas or suggestions will be very much appreciated.


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Dec 9, 2021
Lind, WA
Sorry I can't help on the gas leak unless it's the cap itself. But on the starter try either wrapping the starter with a heat blanket (shield) or wrap the exhaust pipes with a good quality wrap like the stuff DEI makes with lava rock. The Jan-Mar Summit catalog has a bunch of them on page 65. But Walmart.com has them too. Either one should help cut down on the heat. But if the started is getting old, it maybe time to start thinking of replacement or upgrading. Especially if you have a higher HP engine than a stock one.