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Apr 20, 2019
Hello, my name is Quinn, and I have a truck problem.

My gateway truck in 1997 was supposed to be a temporary enabler, but he stayed around for 15 years.

Named after a hamburger joint in Missouri I discovered while towing my worldly goods across the country after parole from the Navy. Covered in anti-theft urban camouflage. Feared no parking lot.

Buford .jpg

1982 Chevy light 3/4 ton with the C-clip 14-bolt. Bought for $200 in Rot City, New Hampshire and rebuilt from salvaged parts. 400 SBC and a fixed-yoke medium-duty TH400 with an Allison 6-bolt torque converter.

Added a second fuel tank on the passenger side with help from a JCWhitney transfer valve and toggle switch under the dash. Added the biggest trailer hitch available and towed my loaded car hauler across the country.

NM Tow Rig #2.jpg

That car hauler was my first 'new car'.
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Apr 16, 2019
Not so dissimilar to what I did Quinn. Used my 269,000 mile 84 4x4 LD 3/4 ton Suburban to move from LI,NY to Denver in 95. It died and would not run worth a damn in Ottowa, Kansas. I had a friend I grew up with in NY who lived south of Witchita, so I had the truck towed to his house. Truck kept losing spark, I tried about everything I could think of on the side of the road to get it running including replacing the module and coil, and running a hot lead directly to the distributor. My other friend in Denver came and got me and we flat towed it to Denver with a 93 V8 Grand Cherokee. I bought a 85 Toyota and used that to get to my new job at Caterpillar. Several months later, I was trying to figure the truck out and had a test light hooked to the negative post of the battery, the probe end was laying on the cowl and the test light came on. Couldn't believe it, you could have a short like that and the wiring didn't completely melt down. Disconnected the harness plug at the firewall and lo and behold, the truck ran fine with the distrubutor hot wired. Replace the dash harness with a junkyard one and the Suburban lived a few more years until "the rollover incident" in Illinois.
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Apr 15, 2019
Don't you still have a few?

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