?? 91 suburban fuel pump questions


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Sep 22, 2021
So it's the last year of the square body's, TBI injection, fuel pump issues, questions. Had this thing for a year or so to get my work done while I'm upgrading my 74 3/4 ton project. Crapped out on me the other day and is time for fuel pump replacement, so what's the best thing going? Having trouble sourcing accurate info on this thing. Never filled the tank all the way since I had it, so not sure if it's 31 gal 0r 40. Confusing info online, measured 35 inches by 28 so it's close to the measurements of a 40, I guess. Glove box sticker is all in code, Dont know wtf. Just ordered Delphi Hp10026 11b1,
please tell me that's the right one! 35 years as a mechanic, this is confusing.