1992 Silverado tilt column in 1991 squarebody suburban


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May 23, 2021
So I've currently got an issue with my cruise control in my 1991 chevy suburban squarebody Scottsdale edition
My cruise control box is a Lectron Rochester MI box (at least I'm assuming it is the cruise control box) and it has a harness that plugs into it with 7 wires. Long story long I have a column out of a 1992 Silverado, figuring it would fit in my squarebody because my 1990 suburban had the same tilt column and steering wheel. A LOT of stuff was different, shift linkage was on the opposite side at the end of the column, main bracket that holds the column under the dash was off set, fire wall bracket was welded on the new on so I still have to cut that off to slip on the old one. Just a much of stuff and in the end I had to basically Frankenstein my old steering column with my new tilt column just to make it fit. One thing I regrettably did was cut the turn signal and cruise control wires at the end on the column so I could slip them into the other. I've got everything sorted out now but one issue I've ran into is my cruise control wiring. The older turn signal unit seems to have that built into it somehow were as my new turn signal stick has a long set of wires that run down to the end of the column. I'm assuming the wires from the signal stick probably have to be spliced into the harness for the cruise control box but i have no clue how so. If anyone has any idea I'd appreciate an input on this. I haven't even found any videos or information on putting a 92 Silverado column in a squarebody so I feel like I'm riding blind at this point.

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