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  1. Clutch

    77 K10

    So recently the youngest guy at work picked up a 77 K10 for a mud truck so I figured I'd post up a picture with my truck
  2. Clutch

    newbi on here

    Welcome from the Jersey shore
  3. Clutch

    Redneck in Arkansas

    Nice rig man welcome to the sight from dirty Jersey.
  4. Clutch

    Site Changelog

    It's working I was going to tell you but life got in the way I couldn't get on for a while. All good now though
  5. Clutch

    84 k20

    Nice what's your price?
  6. Clutch

    Square Body Custom at Goodguys Pleasanton

    That things all bisness
  7. Clutch

    Newbie with an 1985 Silverado

    Greetings from dirty Jersey
  8. Clutch

    gimme some pix!

    Ok I have some old one's of my uncle's fleet and I think I have one of my buddies truck on my cousins trailer. But for some reason I can't attach a file GP403
  9. Clutch

    gimme some pix!

    Am I square body of the month yet I want more stickers! Lol
  10. Clutch

    Good Morning!

    Absolutely this is a brand new sight and it will be what we make it moste of us are here from the g-body forum witch is probably the best collective group on the net gp403 runs that one also so I'm shore this one will be good to. What part of the northeast are you in?
  11. Clutch

    gimme some pix!

    And we need to get mrsony over here with his suburban
  12. Clutch

    Welcome to!

    I ain't got nun
  13. Clutch

    Squarebody 101

    Very well said. I'm pretty shore mine has parts from the hole spectrum lol
  14. Clutch


    Don't you still have a few?
  15. Clutch

    Good Morning!

    Greetings from dirty Jersey I feel your pain on the northeast rot! I to wanted a crew cab dually 4X4 but didn't find what I was looking for so I'm building it. It's made it to daily driver status but I've got a long way to go before it's what I want. A good crew cab work truck that's 30+ years...
  16. Clutch

    The Square Body "Tech" Forum

    Oh I can add to this when I finish my conversation from parking brick:)👍
  17. Clutch

    gimme some pix!

    So am I the only one adding pictures? This picture is for square body of the month next winter lol
  18. Clutch

    84' C-10 2nd life

    Hello and greetings from dirty Jersey. Welcome to the brand new forum. There's not many of us here yet but there all good people with a collective knowledge
  19. Clutch

    Wish I had My ole Square back

    And that's why I like crew cabs
  20. Clutch

    gimme some pix!