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    New member

    nice! welcome to the site!
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    Jersey fresh...

    welcome to the site!
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    Site Changelog

    updated core and theme. realized I never actually FINISHED all the styling/images etc. so there's that still.
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    Site Changelog

    No worries, believe me I get it. In a similar boat right now.
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    gimme some pix!

    awesome... maor! :D
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    gimme some pix!

    lets get some pix up here! mainly so I can steal them for the header/front page/other stuff etc. :D:D🍌 I *think* the attachment size is worked out, but this can be a test I suppose.
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    I KNEW I forgot to do something. I still need to get in the admin and make sure the attachment/etc. sizes are set to 2019 numbers instead of 2001. Thx for the heads up. If anyone else notices stuff that should be fixed, or little settings that don't seem right, please LMK. EDIT: Changed the...
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    Site Changelog

    Site is installed and the core working. Looks like its working in Tapatalk also. Fixed the e-mail template that still said BBodyForum, doh! Need to get the rest of the add-ins installed for basic functions, but I'm not in a hurry
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    The Square Body "Tech" Forum

    So rather than have a bunch of subsections that don't have any traffic and make the place look empty, we'll just put it all in here, and then start breaking it apart later when there are a ton of posts. Thx!!
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    might take a while but that's the goal! welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to!

    Hey everyone! This is GP403, founder and admin from,,, and Welcome to the latest branch....! This site is all about the 1973-1987 Chevrolet and GMC C/K Truck family, including but not limited to...