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    Newbie with an 1985 Silverado

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    Overheating Issue with new 350 sbc

    Sometimes too if the flow rate is so fast its not having a chance to cool down in the radiator.
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    Welcome to!

    Thanks GP403 for adding this additional forum to the mix!! Really appreciate it! I hope I didn't offend anyone my introducing my 1989 truck here, it is the "old body style that was continued through 91 on the 3500 series. If there are any issues please let me know and thanks again!!
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    Good Morning!

    Agree 100% ! I'm a member over at the "G" body site too...LOVE that site, a bunch or really awesome people there too. Its a true privilege to be able to join both groups :)
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    Good Morning!

    Thanks for the greetings Clutch!! Really appreciate the warm welcome!
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    Good Morning!

    Nice truck! And your so right, it gets harder and harder each year that passes...kinda makes you wish you could go back in time and grab a few up lol
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    Good Morning!

    Hello!...My name is William and just joined this AWESOME group! I would like to start of by apologizing for not having any pictures of my truck to post up at the moment, but I will soon. I know there are so SO many trucks out there today from the past, but the Square...